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At a global level we are witnessing the debate on sexual education imposed on the educational system, both private and public, which includes theories of sexual identity, gender, equality, and the fight for LGBT rights. We are facing an ideology in which “gender identity” is not only a subjective category, but it deserves protection in the field of human rights. Therefore, it follows, the child has a "right" to be educated in this regard, which must be carried out by the State. This is the reason why I consider it very important to enlighten in this regard, both the general public, especially parents, as well as educators and even health professionals (both physical and mental). When we face a subject as delicate as this, it is of great importance to put aside all prejudice, and base ourselves only on science and medicine, no more, no less ...

Stuck in the wrong body

  • COSTA RICA: the book is collected in San José / Heredia or sent for cash on delivery  (Shipping is paid upon receipt of the package).

    COLOMBIA: cash on delivery (shipping is paid upon receipt of the package).

  • In Argentina go to this LINK for more information.

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